Our Story

Four Generations Deeply Rooted in Central Mexico

At Dos Buhos, we are a family of artesanal winegrowers who are passionate about what we do.

  • The Estate

    After manual harvest and a strict selection of the best clusters, we process our grapes very carefully in a way that could almost be called handmade.

    Our wines are natural and honest products, from fermentation thru the process of bottling and aging, we use only indigenous yeasts and no additives or preservatives.

    We make wine the traditional way, striving to use less invasive technologies to take care of this fragile work of art that is wine. In the process we use modern equipment to extract the best juices from the grapes, fermenting carefully and using French barrels to guard the range of wines that takes pass thru the barrel.

    We currently have a production of 10,000 bottles, with the capacity to grow a little more without compromising our goals of not only producing organically, but enjoying the process. The winery is located in a barn made with sustainable straw bale construction, where the wine is protected from extreme temperatures.

  • The Wines

    Our wines are a reflection of the soil and climate of San Miguel de Allende, convey the passion and know-how of our team, revealing aromas and unique flavors.We produce different styles of wines in limited editions, each year we changed the proportions and styles of wines we are doing, respecting the cycles of nature and different crops. We are married to the concept of terroir, where each vintage is always something new and different, both for us and for the consumer.

    It produce about 9,000 bottles a year, for the moment, the only place you can get our wines is directly with us, expos, fairs wine, restaurants and local shops.

  • The Vineyard

    We have our own 2000 m.s.n.m vineyards, making it ideal for producing quality wines in these latitudes.

    Our three hectares of vineyards are located on a gentle slope and exposed to the south, helping us to have an optimal insolation for grapes ripening in the period. With this we have a minimum income of fruit protection treatments while a perfect phenolic maturity.

    The vineyards are located on silty clay shallow soils with fine gravels neovolcanic origin, protected from storms and excessive rain in the summer thanks to the proximity of Los Picachos

    Handing our lands from 10 grape varieties, here you will find an excellent expression of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Aglianico, Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato Giallo.

    Our passion for wine, multidisciplinary and multicultural knowledge, along with such favorable climatic conditions of the area allow us to work in a sustainable and transparent manner. Our vineyards are managed organically, respecting the soil, climate and man, and above all trying to achieve the best possible product of each vintage and each grape.


Viticulturist Assistant
Katy Perry
Jaime Gonzalez
Eduvijes de Doniz
Cellar Manager
Francisco Hernandez
Viticulturist Assistant


Since the beginning, Dos Buhos has had sustainability at the heart of everything we do to ensure we live as lightly on the land as possible while producing great grapes and wine.  We believe that these efforts not only can help make the world a better place, but can make wine that is better for you and better tasting.

These efforts include:

  • Growing organic grapes
    • Managing fields with natural fertilizers
    • Managing fields without the use of herbicides or pesticides
  • Producing wines organically with the absolute minimum sulfite use
  • Using natural yeast fermentation
  • Using sustainable hay bail construction techniques for our production room and offices
  • Working with the local Audubon society to help rescue and rehabilitate owls locally
  • Owl boxes providing natural solution for rodent management

Because of these initiatives as well as others, we have achieved our Organic Certification from Oregon Tilth.


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The best works of art, whether literary, artistic or musical, give us something more than a mere pleasure; They tell us about the nature of the world, Aldous Huxley.

The art and architecture of the winery is a reflection of our appreciation for art and design. Dos Buhos winery offers a goodness of art and diverse architecture as part of the experience of the wine. In the chapel, the wine tasting and in the gardens there are copies of works by local artists including Alejandro Rivera Leal, Peter Levanthal, Margaret Dawitt, Atanacio Maldonado, and Kelly Vandiver. There is also a very interesting art installation discover that has a great history behind us league and a unique way to the first trains in Mexico, something that becomes very symbolic for us today.


Bodega Dos Buhos is comitted to being an active part of the local community thru outreach and thur support of local charities.  Some of the charities that Dos Buhos works with include:

  • Jovenes Adelante – Mentoring and Scholarships for local youth
  • Feed The Hungry – Provides meals for economically disadvantaged communities
  • San Miguel Audubon Society – A non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conservation
  • Opera Guanajuato – Provides scholarships, education and performance oportunities to aspiring opera singers

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